A Healthy Glimpse of London’s Best Bakeries


Baking has taken its magnificence all over the world. London baking establishments are always on the go for the sweets and the delightful bread. These best bakeries are our friends at bread machine world. London bakeries are known for homemade baked delicacies which is a spotted enthusiasm for the baking industry. Bread- baking  keeps your  tastes evolving. Take a look at these bakeries and be enthralled of their best offers. Savor the flavors of  the real food. 

The Old Post Office Bakery- (Landor Road)

This bakery started in the 1980’s as they served organic sourdough loaves which the bakery very popular all throughout London.

Aiming to offer simplicity in the food trade, this fantastic bakery prepares its baked goodies for a noble purpose. The skilled bakers firmly believe that food keeps human connections and well-being. Hence, bakers here are motivated to produce good food to many people at affordable prices. Highly skilled bakers are good at baking bread and other wholesome goodies using simple organic ingredients. Apple turnovers, white bloomers, pastries, Eccles cakes, and homemade cakes pastries are some of the bakery’s products which are a great showcase of their impressive recipes and techniques. Their baked products are made available in their outlets all over London. They also accommodate wholesale of their nutritious baked products. Visit now and be filled with great enthusiasm!

St John Bakery

72 Druid Street

 London- SE1 2 HQ

They sell their palatable and notable fresh doughnuts, loaves of bread, Eccles cakes, and many others. Drop by and enjoy their baked offers. Or you can simply follow the bakeries hot bread deals on twitter @ StJohnBakery.


Balthazar Restaurant

4-6 Russell Street,

London WC2B 5HZ

They offer a wide selection of baked goodies just for you.  Visit now and taste the homemade pastries, artisan bread, croissant, bread loaves and much more. Don’t worry if you are busy, you can give a call and make your orders.  To keep you more satisfied, you can even personalize your orders according to your preferences.  Call now and key in your orders at +44(0)20 3301 1155.

Bread Ahead

Its stall is located at London’s Borough Market. Drop by and help yourself freshly baked bread and the tasty doughnuts.It is highly known as the home of quality British Baking. This establishment offers popular baking courses such as Enriched Dough Workshops, Nordic Baking Workshops, Great British Baking Workshop. You should pay a visit and satisfy your taste buds with the caramel-filled doughnuts, Italian bread, ginger cakes and a lot more.

Why not try to see for yourself and join with the London Bakery Hop!

People eat a lot of bread. It has been and will always be part of the daily eating scenarios in families. The bread machine has made its way to commercial bakeries not only in London but also all over the world.  Managing your own bakeshop could be a lot of excitement. Homemade goodies make people’s lives’ a lot better and enhance people’s connections to the world. Why? It is because baking is sharing.